I broke the news to my bosses at work today that I will be leaving them. I was a little nervous at first, but all of them gave me their support and well-wishes. I feel really lucky to have gotten this job at MDCH when I did – it was exactly what I needed at this point in my career, and the people have made it a great learning experience. It gave me some important insights to my field and helped me narrow my decision about the types of graduate programs I will apply to after Peace Corps.

I also just finished writing up my Aspiration Statement and re-formatting my résumé to send to my country desk. Juggling work and Peace Corps preparation has turned into a more difficult task than I imagined. Because of that, I decided to finish up with my projects at work a little earlier than originally planned. Hopefully this extra time will allow me to tie up all my loose ends in the states before I go.

I remember starting college and finding all of the people I would be living with on Facebook. The same sort of thing started with my training group, Bots 10. In this case it’s a little more useful in terms of preparation, though I find the stalking function equally as fun. I’ll be training with people from all over the country with all sorts of backgrounds. I feel a little behind on the packing/shopping front, but I’ll pull it together. Taking care of business

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One thought on “Business

  1. Sherry says:

    Well I would like to assist on the shopping front and I am really hoping that you will reserve a meal time for us to go out

    Love ya lots.

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