Anxiety and Relief

I have gotten into a spell of feeling anxious about starting this trip. It’s only to be expected – who knows what is coming at this point? There is an important task at hand, and the pressure of responsibility to do it right. But the more I think about it, the more at ease I can make myself. It’s not as if I’m diving head-first into a job without any preparation. In fact, this has been mounting since I submitted my initial application in July of last year. There have been mental preparations, among other things. And I have 3 months of pre-service training ahead of me before I truly dig in on my own. I have to be comforted that Peace Corps will take care of me, giving me the tools I need. They are putting their faith in me, in all of their volunteers; I have their preemptive trust. Maybe the solution is just to take a sedative and get a massage. Either way, I’ll find my relief.

One thought on “Anxiety and Relief

  1. V says:

    Just added your blog to my Google Reader 🙂 Love you, Jer Bear! So excited for you (and our rendezvous in Cape Town). <333

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