Happy 50th Birthday, Peace Corps

Moving is tough. Moving overseas is tougher.

My to-do list for the next month seems to be growing rather than shrinking; the number of time-sensitive tasks has exploded. Some things years down the line like my license renewal may have to be moved up and resolved before I leave. It’s bad enough that I need to move out of my house, meanwhile packing to live in a foreign country. Loan deferrals, bank accounts, shopping, plus starting on Setswana training all add up to a stressed brain. Finding the delicate balance between the worrysome over-planning and the carefree halves of myself won’t be easy. In truth, I know I’ll calm down, which isn’t a bad thing. It means that I will breathe and be glad that I didn’t pack enough stuff when I get there. The present, however, is where the worry takes over.

March 1 officially marks my last month living in the US, and makes departure that much more real. Everything is going smoothly as I finish up my job, but I have a lot of good-byes to fit in. Hopefully I’ll get to see everyone I want before I go, although I did decided to forgo a trip to LA in the interest of both time and money.

As the title proclaims, today also marks the 50th Anniversary of Peace Corps’s inauguration which John F. Kennedy delivered on the steps of the Michigan Union (a hiss for my Spartan readers).

The clock is ticking, and it’s reminding me of my list. Here’s to 31 days!




3 thoughts on “Happy 50th Birthday, Peace Corps

  1. Naahhm. Am I on your list of good-byes? Hoping so. Looking forward to more beautifully chosen and constructed words. xx

  2. Sherry says:

    Happy 50th Birthday Peace Corps! You are getting an amazing 50th gift, the services of an amazing young man!

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