Whenever someone talks to me about my upcoming start of service, I get the usual list of questions concerning living conditions and the type of work I’ll be doing. I don’t really know most of the answers since I won’t be placed at a specific site until after pre-service training. There is a great deal of unknown ahead of me, though I suppose that satisfies the element of adventure.


I recommend checking out this site which is essentially an RSS feed of Peace Corps blogs like mine. The postings are of current and future volunteers, and they shed some light on the kinds of things PCVs do in Botswana. The stories are sometimes about the challenges volunteers face, and sometimes reflections on daily events, but they’re always sincere. True to the nature of service, those blogs (and mine) aren’t always happy or exciting. They simply aspire toward a successful end product. My expectations and aspirations are, in the broadest language possible, to have a successful service. I don’t know how to measure that success yet, and that’s the beauty of it.


As a less dramatic aside, I’m also cooking up a plan to partner with a great friend of mine, Sasha. She is currently in her first year of Teach For America as a member of the Chicago Corps where she teaches integrated science at an inner-city high school called Urban Prep. A little background on UP – 100% of its students get accepted to 4-year universities. It’s a staggering statistic which really goes to show what a service organization like TFA can accomplish. I’m hoping to set up a system of contact for her students and myself in which we can learn and work together on some of my future projects. Hopefully Sasha will also have them send me questions when they get their club underway in the fall and I can answer them on my blog.

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