Closing Doors, Opening Windows

I finished up work at the Michigan Department of Community Health last Wednesday, which has allowed me more time to complete my necessary preparations before I leave (in 7 days). It was bittersweet – the people I worked with were incredibly helpful (whether they realize it or not) in guiding my career decisions from here on out. My coworkers took me out on Tuesday, making them the first for my going-away celebrations. It was a great time and really made me realize what a great environment it was for me. Though I will miss everyone there, I’m ecstatic to start something new and to shake things up a bit.

I also have begun the good-bye process with my family and friends, with a final farewell for most of my friends coming this weekend. It’s always tough to say good-bye, especially when it’s for a long time. I tell everyone to put any big milestones on hold for when I get back. Of course I’m joking, but their support has been huge – I have a great network of people in my life.

While thinking forward to my preparations and quickly escaping time left in the states, the word ‘inundated’ comes to mind. I’m over-dramatizing, but the thoughts about what I still have to do and pack truly flood my mind at times. There are 7 days before such things become part of the past, however, and I can’t wait for that day to arrive. Pre-service Training lies on the shelf of anticipation in my mind: 3 months of intense language and skills training, along with as much cultural assimilation as possible.

I also want to reflect on the incredible network PC creates, which I have noticed particularly in the past few weeks. I have encountered a lot of people connected with it (or Botswana) and I’m looking forward to becoming part of this organization. Today I received a message from an old friend (and fellow Spartan Marching Band member) who begins her service in Kazakhstan… tomorrow. What a coincidence – it actually is a small world, after all. This brings me to the focus of this post: my time at certain ventures here has come to an end, but it means the window is open now for this new one to unfold. Good luck to my fellow trainees, wherever you are, it’s almost time to begin.

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One thought on “Closing Doors, Opening Windows

  1. Sherry says:

    Just know you are thought of daily
    You are truly amazing!
    Love Aunt Sherry

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