Last Look at Motown

I’m sitting in the airport now, awaiting my flight to Philadelphia. All of my good-byes have been said and it’s really time to start. I’m using this time to re-listen to my introductory Setswana language files and switch from ‘good-bye’ mode to ‘hello’ mode, though first I will engage in a little reflection.

The toughest good-byes occurred this week, happening in the midst of my final preparations and packing. My friends and family have shown how incredible they are with their words and actions, all in support. It has been truly humbling. I am so thankful for each of them and I hope they know that the love is mutual.

It’s really time to start. I arrive in Philly this afternoon and meet up with my fellow trainees for the first time. The staff will greet us and get us registered. Tonight, it looks like we’ll go out in the city. Tomorrow is all business, starting with a trip the clinic for immunizations and moving on to an intense orientation. In the wee hours of the morning we will start our bus trip to New York, fly to Joburg, and onto our final destination in Gabs. I don’t know what my internet situation will look like at that point, so it may be a bit before I can update again. Check the About Me section for my mailing address (it takes a few weeks to arrive). In the mean time, I will leave you all with this very fond farewell.

4 thoughts on “Last Look at Motown

  1. Joyce Dunn says:


    This Auntie is short on words but you and your endeavors are close to my heart. So proud of your accomplishments thus far…can only look ahead to the impact you will have on the people of Botswana. As my kids refer to me as being the “FB stalker”, I will follow you on your journey.

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, take care and be safe!

  2. Julien Marguerit says:

    I will try to mail you a latter when you get there, though I have no clue how many stamps I’m gonna have to use!
    Have a safe trip!
    You’ll do an amazing job!

  3. Aunt Sherry says:

    My sweet, adorable, amazing nephew. I promise to write often and keep in touch. You will not be far from my thoughts and prayers.

    You are loved more than you know

    Aunt Sherry

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