A Honeymoon in Kanye

Less than 1 week remains for Bots 10 as trainees. Next Tuesday we will be sworn in as volunteers, and shortly afterward, head to our respective sites. We will be the metaphorical baby birds, leaving the Kanye nest. It’s a scary and exciting time for all of us. This marks the true beginning of service.

To inject some perspective, going to site next week hardly marks means we’ll be effective in our jobs. The process is something to relish, and this is the first phase, which will hopefully facilitate successful community integration. Patience and flexibility are about to be tested in each of us.

There is a level of excitement and relief to be attached with this time. The rigorous training schedule is no longer our burden, and we’re given more time for digesting and reflection. We get to start building the houses in which we will live for 2 years, as well as forging the relationships that will mean the most for our service. This is also the time when we get to start failing and succeeding all on our own. Exciting, right?

I will surely have great new insights to write about next week, so stay tuned. In the mean time, I’m soaking up the last bit of time when I will be with my friends here in Kanye. We won’t see each other for a few months when we have the second phase of training. We’re also in the planning stages of traveling around the region after we are off lockdown. On the slate are Mozambique, Namibia, and South Africa. Exciting things are coming up!


4 thoughts on “A Honeymoon in Kanye

  1. Ashley Hardy says:

    Ahh how exciting! I’m excited for you. Expect an email from me soon ❤

  2. Jamie says:

    Yaya hooray i didn’t realize you would be building your own home that sounds crazy. I bet you’ll make it amazing though! and no worries if this has taught you anything about being away from people its that staying in contact isn’t as hard as you once may believe. I’m sure you’ll see your friends before you know it. And mee tooo!! Love you!!


  3. Joan Ehrhardt says:

    Hey Jeremy,

    Remember, sticks are sturdier than hay and bricks sturdier than sticks, if you have the option… Would LOVE to see pics. Sending good wishes your way.


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