The first couple of days at site seem like a blur. I was expecting a little latency period – the end of PST was hectic, and there are already problems to be solved here.

For the record, this period of time is meant for volunteers to carry out their community assessments. We should be talking with important residents of our villages and getting to know our organizations, as well as arranging our thoughts and planning for the rest of service. I think the learning curve will be a little bit different for me since my NGO is already requesting my help with each of its projects. It’s a little overwhelming; I’ve never had so much responsibility in a job.

My NGO is relatively underdeveloped, and the membership is voluntary. Seeking funding will probably comprise a large part of my service, as well as guiding the group’s activities to align with its mission statement. The positive is that the members are enthusiastic and welcoming, but they are also few. Problems are abundant here, and every person I talk to seems to have his or her own concerns.

On a more personal level, these past few days at site mark the first that I’ve ever lived alone. I’ve had roommates or housemates my whole life and I think this kind of loneliness is something I’ve always feared. I’m probably going to find an animal companion, but for the time being I’ve got to get used to the silence. This aspect of PC is about facing fears, I suppose.

Let’s hope I can do some damage control and come to a calm with settling in, because right now I’m feeling a little bit lost. Send some clarity my way if you can spare it!


8 thoughts on “Site

  1. Sherry Swanson says:

    Congratulations to you for being sworn in.
    We are missing you terribly and savoring your posts.

    Hopefully we will be able to communicate more regularly with you
    Love you

  2. Babeh..what you’re doing is so remarkable and I am so proud of you. You’ve always been the person I knew deep down ‘had it in them’ to venture off to foreign lands for a mini lifetime and change the lives of others. From what I’ve heard and read from other PC volunteers, there’s nothing comfortable about making the transition from here to there and from training to site, as I’m sure you know, but I have endless amounts of faith in you and I know you’ll adjust well and take advantage of the new found independence you’ve so been granted as a volunteer. I hope you find a cute animal with whom you can bond. I hope you’re eating well, learning a lot of fun things and I hope to get some skype credit soon to talk with you and update you on a whirlwind of American things. I miss you so much, Jer and I’m so proud of you. Keep looking ahead and moving forward, as you’ll soon find the overall worth of your service in the Peace Corps. You’re doing good things. Keep updating, because I miss your writing and I also love picturing your bulby little finger tips type these posts. Kisses forever.

    • jeremiahardy says:

      Thanks for all the support, babeh. Like so many other things, the ‘tough’ is what makes it worthwhile, and it’ll just take some time. I seem to have found a semi-reliable place for internet – albeit very slow internet, but it works. If you got some Skype credits, I’d be elated to talk to you. Kisses back.

  3. Dad says:

    Sending you clarity and comfort thoughts. I know it’s hard being alone for the first time, it feels like you miss everyone. Well you are in our thoughts constantly, so remember, if you’re thinking of us, we are thinking of you at the same times it’s like we are there!

    Much love,

  4. Arun says:

    Living alone is tough. I’m sure it’ll get better with time! Also, you seem really busy. Maybe since there’s so much to do coming home to a quiet place where you can have ‘me’ time will be refreshing 🙂

    I feel like you should get something exotic like a small giraffe. Because real giraffes are as big as the MSU union. All the best, buddy.

    • jeremiahardy says:

      I wish there were giraffes in my life right now! I have seen no such thing yet, but hopefully the river behind my house becomes a watering hole as soon as it gets hot. I’m probably going to get a cat or dog… or mini crocodile. Miss ya, bud.

  5. Sasha says:

    LOL to Arun’s comment.

    Baby I miss you and love you so much. I love these updates and while I don’t want you to feel lonely, I know you’re going to gain as much as you’re giving during this experience and living alone is part of that. I can’t wait to hear how you progress. I just moved back to IIT and I have a roommate and I’m wishing I was living alone still! hahah Such opposites right now. LOVE YOU.

    • jeremiahardy says:

      Aw, IIT… I know you’re right, this is a big part of the experience. I hope everything is going well at training for the new TFA kids! I love you too – I’ll drop you an email sometime soon!

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