I celebrated this July 4 without any sort of fireworks or barbeque. A day of independence it was. Life here is much more self-guided than anything else, which can be both a blessing and a curse. It means I have the time, often making motivation the limiting factor. It’s not to say that I live in complete solitude. The rebuilding of my local network is the tough part, because I previously relied on so many people for different kinds of support and social interaction.

The part of Peace Corps service most people don’t write home about is the periodic boredom. I remember a saying, “if you’re bored, you’re boring,” so I try to occupy my time with constructive, stimulating activities. There comes a point, though, when social interaction is the only thing we need. This is perhaps why the first few months of service are the time when most volunteers terminate and go home. For the record, 33 of our 40 volunteers remain in country. I’m not hinting that I’m going home, just pointing to the fact that this period of time is the hardest in the volunteer lifecycle.

This post turned out to depict a less than delightful scene, so I’ll end it with hope: to future, happier, in-country holidays with friends. To making new friends.



5 thoughts on “Independence

  1. Sherry says:

    Good Morning Jeremy!
    Well I was hopeful that we would have been able to skype you yesterday but unfortunately we didn’t…. I need to take the bull by the horns and get an account so that I can “hog” time with you.

    We celebrated this year with Taco Salad – not the traditional foods we usually have, but still it worked out nicely.

    Love you lots
    Aunt Sherry

  2. Bob Hardy says:


    So happy to see your post this morning – I had planned ot try reaching out to you yesterday, but the events of the weekend left me very tired and ended up falling asleep on the couch till 6:00 and decided a midnight call your time would not have been appreciated. Mom gets home today so hopefully we can chat either leter today on during the week at some point.

    Love you,

  3. Jane Hardy says:

    Always eager to hear or read any news from you Love you Grandma

  4. Jamie li says:

    Hey brother,
    Man you are a tough guy I think of the time of my first night at band camp and getting lost on my way to Brody … Me crying my eyes out wanting to quit… But you told me to stick it through…. It only gets easier and I will only get better… From the smartest guy I know I think ya know what I mean big brother….. Missing you like crazy and thinking things will only get better plus I’ll be there for Christmas/new years I love you and never forget it! Btw I thinking me and mom gonna try to call you this Thursday

    Love love love
    Jamie li

  5. Lori says:

    Hi sweetie,
    Finally got our power back and able to read your post. We’re thinking of you often and wish we could talk to you everyday! Just send out another box today so look for it in about 10 days. My schedule has me away for a good part of the summer so far. i’m hoping we can skype you soon so we need to coordinate a time. Until then, take care and love you lots!

    Love you always,

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