Still Here

As I wrap up the last week in the ‘Kops before In-Service Training, I’d like to reflect on what I’ve learned in the past two months at site. This lockdown period is often called the most difficult time in a volunteer’s lifecycle, after all, and although I have only 4 months in country to compare, I may have to agree.

In this period of time, I’ve become very well acquainted with myself. I haven’t spent so much time alone since, well, ever. One of my greatest fears about service (and life, really) was isolation. I know it has only been 2 months, but I’d like to think I am well on my way to conquering this one. I’ve also learned that my limits are much deeper than I once gave myself credit for. I have been living with limited electricity since I arrived, and no indoor water. Such conditions certainly are not the norm for Peace Corps in Botswana, but I’m proud of the fact that I can survive like this. It has been a big change for me in so many ways (my shaggy appearance included). I’m a great deal more self-sufficient now, and I’ve even picked up some provincial-life skills like making bread. I have yet to pick up my guitar, which shows me that I haven’t totally lost touch with my former self – yes, I can still procrastinate.

I’m looking forward to this conference. It means that I’ve survived the hard part; though I’m not entirely convinced the job gets easier from here on out. I will get to reconnect with my Bots 10 family, which is sadly 20% lighter than it was on April 1. I’ll probably take a fair few showers as well. It also means I’m no longer on lockdown and I can travel outside the country! This is a big milestone, even if the only thing I have to show for it is still being here.


7 thoughts on “Still Here

  1. Mr. E says:

    You are one of the most impressive people I know. I miss and lav you, dear. Enjoy your showers, they are well deserved.


  2. Channing Franklin says:

    I am very proud of you Jeremy! You are doing amazing things. Keep pulling through. Love you, buddy 🙂

  3. Ashley Hardy says:

    Jeremy I’m so proud of you for making it this far! I know you’ll continue to do great things for your village and really make a difference. I love you and miss you, as always. Have fun traveling and take lots of pictures.

  4. Sara Bruhn says:

    I like reading your blog….I wanna see your shaggy looks…congrats on making it through lockdown, keep workin hard and treat yourself to some travel 🙂
    -Sara Bruhn

  5. Sherry says:

    We are all so proud of you. You are so amazing! Enjoy your showers and social time. I know that you will make the most of all your experiences.
    Love you and miss you

    Aunt Sherry

  6. Grandma says:

    Jeremy I miss and love you. I knew from a baby you would do great things in your life. I’m so proud of you.

  7. V says:

    Congratulations, Jer! I am so proud of you 🙂

    BTW, it was wonderful catching up with you a few days ago. Enjoy training, as well as the amenities of modernity!

    P.S. Fun fact: I’m currently sitting in the Google office in Birmingham, waiting for Eric Schmidt to arrive. Yippee!

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