The Heat Is On

It is finally hot hot here in Botswana, and that means days of sitting around the house trying not to move. The water has been out for days, though luckily a friend has been sharing her Jojo tank water with me since I’ve exhausted my stores. The change in temperature has also brought bugs, and I’m seeing one of those giant spiders every other night. At least this means Crunchy has some moving targets to play with.


I’ve been busy since the last time I posted. I went to my old training village (Kanye) a couple weeks ago to help out with the training of the new group. Our Peace Corps doctor was nice enough to let me help out with session and I got to meet the new group of trainees. It was sort of surreal to see a group 6 months behind – my group members and I have been in this country for a while now. I think I’m finally over the hard part and I seem to be getting busier and busier every day.


This past week, I had a shadow named Adam. He’s a trainee who spent the week with me living life like I do. We were surprisingly busy, spending time at the garden, school, and wellness workshop my counterpart was managing. Since Adam was my first visitor, I got to show him around and share what my daily life is like; it was pretty cool and I’m excited to get more visitors.


I’m still having issues with my organization, but have also found some other small project ideas that can occupy my time. I’m hoping to start a recycling program, plant trees around the village, and get some books for the local libraries while sifting through the problems at my primary assignment. I figure these will be activities with fewer barriers to success, so cross your fingers for my personal crusades.


Although I got a lot of support for my man-beard, it’s just too damn hot now. I shaved it all off. I had actually forgotten what my face looked like underneath my mane since I began growing it in June. Upon removing the Jesus factor, it appears that I got about 10 years younger and lost a lot of weight. What will I do with my hands now when I’m lost in thought? Maybe the beard will return next winter.






To my fellow MSU football fans: 4 years in a row! Go green.



5 thoughts on “The Heat Is On

  1. Jamie says:

    Awesome! Im soo happy to hear youre figuring things out with getting books to the libraries and recycling, sounds like a more feasible way to be greatly productive also i think i prefer non beard haha you look great though!!

    love you tons!

  2. Ashley Hardy says:

    I can’t believe how much you’re doing down there! You should definitely be happy with your success thus far. It’s great to see some pictures of you, to actually see that you are doing well.

    Love you so much!
    -Ashley ❤

  3. Sherry says:

    Wow – what a difference a beard makes!!! Handsome either way……
    You sound like you are doing such wonderful things over there, I am so proud of you!
    We miss you and love you. Look forward to your posts
    Everyone here is doing great!
    Love you lots!

    Aunt Sherry

  4. Grandma says:

    Hi baby face, you also look a little sunburned. Sun Block at least 30 or more UPC (or what have you) will work good, do you need some?

    Love & Miss you lots, kisses & Hugs,

  5. jeffbobick says:

    THANK YOU LORD you have shaved! Miss you, Jer…


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