New Phases

I had a small victory last week. Some things were put in motion in terms of my support group’s financial security, and I’m confident that I have a solid treasurer now. We’ve been cleaning up some of the problems, and hopefully we can move forward soon with new stability. Damage control was not the first task I pictured with my service, but it’s necessary. Meanwhile, I’m feeling more in touch with the direction my organization is taking. It’s very strange to be in such a weighty steering position, but my success will depend on being comfortable in that role.

Aside from that positive note, I wasn’t having the best of weeks. Along with my battle with water and electricity, I realized that my newly groomed face and hair has brought me the unwanted sexual attention of the Batswana women in my village. That’s not my cup of tea. I’m not great at the rejection dance, and subtlety isn’t a common feature of the game here. Basically, I need to brush up on my tact and keep all of my relationships at a professional distance. It’s easier said than done, as I’m sure many female volunteers can attest.

It rained for the first time since I’ve been in this village! I stood outside and appreciated the water falling from the sky with a new level of respect. In Botswana, the currency is called pula; incidentally, it’s the word for rain and is also used in celebratory outbursts (think opa! for Greeks). It all makes sense in this exceptionally arid country.

This weekend, as with most down time in Rakops, I didn’t do much outside of relaxing, cleaning my house, and washing clothes. It was brightened, however, by calls from my close friends and family. A lot of Skype credit was used on me this weekend, and I can’t properly express how much it helps to know that US life hasn’t completely passed me by. Thank you all for calling, you’re beautiful.

Did you know there’s no Thanksgiving in Africa? Yeah, I did too, but it didn’t stop me from being shocked when I saw tinsel hanging around the hospital. ‘Tis the season in Botswana! I suppose that means I need to get hold of some Christmas music and begin decking my dusty halls. Oh, and this week I’m getting new Peace Corps neighbors in nearby villages! Lots of changes are coming. Until next time,


3 thoughts on “New Phases

  1. Grandma says:

    Wow your attitude is on the up beat, love it..

    The ladies have good taste is all I can said. It was great talking
    with you Sunday, looking forward to the next time.

    Love ya and miss you lots.

  2. Sherry says:

    Fantastic – we will celebrate the victories –
    It was amazing hearing your voice this weekend – I lucked out with timing to Gram’s for that!
    Happy you got some rain – your posts remind me how fortunate we are and about the abundance of things we just take for granted. Thank you again for sharing your journey
    Miss you tons and love you!
    Aunt Sherry

  3. Edward Hood says:

    Hang in there, Jeremy – it’s the curse of the Hood/Hardy men to be relentlessly pursued by women internationally.

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